How to Self Suck (Autofellatio)

So you have heard about self sucking (autofellatio) and want to try it yourself. This article is designed to give you the basic info you need to self suck. Let it be known that the technical term is autofellatio and it is defined as the act of oral stimulation on one’s own penis as a form of masturbation. From this point on and on the rest of the site we refer to autofellatio as self sucking. It’s a really simple process, but it takes some practice and patience. First, you must realize that not everyone can self suck. It requires flexibility in order to bend over enough for your mouth to reach your penis. If you are overweight, have back problems, or other medical conditions that prevent you from bending over to extreme levels, I would advise you not to even try self sucking. Secondly, you need to have some patience. Your first time you might not enjoy it that much. You need to practice and become more flexible in order to get more pleasure. So don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed.

Lets move on to the basic preparations for self sucking. You generally want to make sure you do the following before starting:

1. Remove all clothing/accessories. You want to be as flexible as possible. Take off all clothes and accessories like jewelery.

2. Find a chair, couch, table, or other surface that is solid. You want good support for your crouch region so that it doesn’t “sink” into the chair or move too much when you are trying to bend over.

3. Keep your penis erect. For some people this means watching porn or masturbating before trying to self suck. You want to be as hard and long as you can to make it easier to reach your penis.

So now you are prepared to start. Now what? Its simple! The goal is to get your mouth on your penis. To do this just bend over. You want to “slouch” so that your back is curved inward. Try bending your knees a bit and using one arm to grab them and pull your upper body downward toward your penis. Suck in your gut to gain more distance. Practice different positions until you find something that works better for you. Keep experimenting until you can get as close to your penis as possible. If you are good, you should be able to at least lick or kiss the head of your penis on your first self suck session. If you can’t, its ok. Try exercising your flexibility until you can. It might take a couple weeks to get to where you can self suck. Everyone has different tips and tricks, so here is a list of things for you to try to gain the most distance.

- Use a chair with something you can grab with your hand to pull downward (instead of pulling on legs)

- Lay on your back and flip your legs toward your head. Its basically the reverse of sitting down and bending over. This method works for some.

- Lean your chin down when bending over.

- Sit on the floor with legs slightly bent. With your hands under your butt or upper leg, pull your mouth down toward your penis.

- Check out the self sucking pictures and self sucking videos on this site to see people self sucking. Get ideas on positions and techniques so you can master the self suck.