Who Self Sucks?

Self sucking (autofellatio) is very taboo and not very well known among average guys. But just because it isn’t a social norm doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of guys that do it regularly. A question I always get is who self sucks? What kind of person would do that? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Everyone!

Let me explain about everyone. You cannot simply label the type of person that self sucks. Most would say that they are usually gay, skinny, and don’t have sex enough so they need to suck their own dicks. That is far from the truth. Straight guys, gay guys, bisexual guys, they all self suck. I have seen overweight men do it just like the skinny guys. And the amount of sex or blowjobs you get have nothing to do with your desire to masturbate. So try and break apart the mold you have stored in your head about who self sucks.

One of the main myths about self sucking is that you are gay if you do it. That is not true. What is the difference between giving yourself a handjob and giving yourself a blowjob? Just because you like to give yourself head doesn’t mean you are sexually attracted to men. Most men like jerking themselves off, does that mean they like to jerk other men off? No! Men of all sexual orientations self suck for personal pleasure.

Self sucking will remain taboo and weird in the minds of most people for a long time, if not forever. Masturbation is acceptable, but apparently not when it involves sucking your own dick. I don’t agree with it’s status as taboo, because it is no different than masturbating with your hand.

Obviously if you are reading this you were somewhat curious about self sucking. I hope that by reading this I can clear up some of the myths and confusions regarding the subject. Please check back often for more articles, and head over to the forums to discuss self sucking.

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